Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Space Ethonography

On Wednesday March 21st 2012, I visited a kindergarten classroom to view the space of the school. The majority of the people there are kids under 6 and they are learning from a teacher who is teaching the basic thing about the world. It is more like an introduction to society as they grasp what they need in order to accommodate society.
The environment inside the classroom is very colorful and everything is mostly arts and crafts. The children inside these classrooms are semi focus, but they know who the leader inside this classroom is. The teacher is using a form of order to have the children follow direction and their punishment is a time-out method in which the children must be alone for about 5-10 minute. The classroom has a sink, fountain, restroom, and other various thing that makes it resemble a community within a community. Within the community that the children are in, they learn together and they learn basic things that they would use in life.
The location of the kindergarten is in a friendly environment where it is made to feel like a safe place to be.  The building is fairly small and it resembles a day care center. When you walk into this kind of classroom you feel like you are in an environment meant for kid. It is not the sad or gloomy feeling, but it makes you happy.
The space could change from being a peaceful place to a crazy place in any second. When children cry it disturb the atmosphere and causes people to react differently about the place.  It is the sound of annoyance, but also it makes you feel like they are helpless you must help them.
Although this place has an educational background, it has the feel of being at home. The kids have a daily routine here and they are stepping on a stairway to enter society. If there was a potential threat to the children in the classroom, this will alter the space in the whole school. It is like a domino effect because safety is a big thing and the issue must be taken care of swiftly. The classroom is changed from a safe environment to a very dangerous one.  
The classroom of the kindergarten is very organized with a lot of labels. They are used so the children could be surrounded with words so they could learn and play at the same time.  Although everything is clean it is not like that at the end of the day. The floor is dirty, and everything becomes disorganize, that is how I know the kids enjoyed their day in the classroom.  The space of the kindergarten classroom has a huge influence on mostly children. It is like the Chuckie Cheese, but for a educational purpose.

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