Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Space: Exploring CSUN

           Taking a look at one of CSUN’s (California State University Northridge) most appealing structure was a very exciting thing to do. On March 02, 2012 , me and 3 other people from my group decided to go see the Valley of Performing Art Center. This structure is very clean and compare to all of the other buildings in CSUN, this is by far the most cleanest place to be. My group and I had a very hard time trying to get into this building, but waiting for someone to come out pays off a lot. We had a VIP tour in the building that no other student had the chance to get.
The VPAC (Valley Performing Art Center) cost about 120 million to build, and it is all paid for by donation and not from tuition. The distinct differences from VPAC and the other buildings is the environment. It looks more like a private property than a CSUN facility. It is empty during the day and mostly packed at night when there are popular plays that are showing. This place could either be a learning environment or a recreational facility.
                The interior of the VPAC is similar to an art museum. It has a very simple white look, but it has artistic mind all around it. For example, there are walls made out of guitar wood, this is very pricey and there are sound vents coming out of these walls so the performance could be heard outside where the concession stand and waiting room is.  The VPAC has music playing as we walked in, but it is very quiet in the lobby.
                The way the building is structured serves it purpose very well. It is for plays ,music, shows, concerts, and etc. It produces very nice sound quality and inside the building the viewers are able to be adjusted comfortably. The place is so beautiful that it does not even look like a CSUN facilty. It feels like you are in another zone where rich people have their get together. The funny thing is that there is a VIP zone for people who donate 3,000 dollars a year and 30,000 in the beginning to have access to a first class view and a room where all the rich people hang out. The reason why VPAC is doing this is because they are trying to cover the 50 million dollar debt they still owe to pay for the cost of the building.
                CSUN is a community within a community by offering VPAC as a source of entertainment. It provides unique shows and plays that are very different compared to going to a movie theater. It gives you the taste of first class. The VPAC was constructed in 2010 and now in 2012, and it is still in good shape. Having classroom on the side and in front of the VPAC creates a learning environment for students who are majoring in theater and radio broadcasting. This is a very good idea because when VPAC needs help they ask student from the theater majors to help such as , stage crew.The VPAC is something that symbolizes CSUN, just like USU and the Oviatt Library.

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  1. Hey man, I liked the way you described this building as not looking like any other CSUN building. Its definitely true in a sense where it gives a very artistic vibe to the campus. This was a pretty enjoyable experience. I thought the VIP section was pretty interesting considering they had an elevator that led the audience straight to their seats. I also agree that the sound quality of this building was phenomenal. I go to a couple Los Angeles venues every month and till this day I have not seen anything similar to the Performing Arts Center. Glad they let us in to experience the beauty and the awesome vibes of that place.