Sunday, April 22, 2012

Essay #2 proposal

Essay Proposal for Project Space and Text
For this essay I would be focusing on cultural/racial identity using project space and text,  Using my culture, I would be analyzing mostly the identity of people and how they are generally constructed.  For the project space part I would use immigrant vs. American born citizen as a reference on the identity that is constructed and how it is constructed. The identities of these two types of people are very different and I could relate to this a lot.  What construct a person identity? Is it where they come from? How they are raised? Or is it the main factor of how you look like?
Project Space
 I would mainly focus on how identity is constructed for an Asian American immigrant  who barely came to America. This goes for anyone else that move to a new unknown terrain. Doing this, I am focusing mostly on stereotypical comment and using tradition as an argument to explain why these things occur.  I think that space does affect a person’s culture a lot, and when you are exposed to a different culture at a young age,, you tend to adapt to it. This idea is could be compared to the older generation and their view about new technology. It is hard for them to change their routine even if it has a benefit of a shortcut.
                My identity changes when I go from home and other places. At home I have the identity of a respectful son who always listens to what his parents want to hear. At a different scenario I would transition from my Asian culture to my American culture. Things are done differently in both cultures, and I think the space affects it a lot, even if it means switching my language because of the person who I am talking to.  The city is also a difference, being in an Asian community and being in an American multi cultural institution, such as CSUN. is a big change in space.  As the space of education is strongly influencing me, I feel like my cultural identity is being lost at the same time.

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