Sunday, February 12, 2012

Response to Gamer

Taking a glimpse of a possible future is terrifying, especially if you see a world where human could be controlled worse than slaves. The movie, Gamer portray a possible outcome of human society if we depend on technology as a source of pleasure/solution to our problems. Gamer has a strong link of "rich vs. poor", in a society just like present day, where the rich seems to buy out the poor. This is all an act of power in reality, and the people who do not have power ends up being the slave to the rich.
                Gamer did not only use real life aspect, but to top it off, they use advertising. The advertisement that were used, relates to present day Time Square and Tokyo. With their huge flat screen TV on massive structures, gamer had a similar layout. They used skyscraper and huge buildings as a screen throughout the alternate society that was made. There were many advertisement displayed in gamer such as, Mountain Dew, LG, and AMP. The funny thing about this, in today's video games, we see advertisement just like these while we are playing. This gives us a glimpse of how companies use their advertisement to manipulate consumer for their profits.
                In Gamer, there are two different scenarios you could play. It is either Society or Slayers, and both of them involve using real people. The comparisons made about these two worlds and reality is that people enjoy a obstructive society where there are free to do what they want and at the same time  enjoy violence. Video Games and Reality television have the same agenda. They are seeking a way to have the consumer hooked. In gamer, you could see the connection because the people who are playing games are out of their mind. They view life as a game and they are hooked on it. The only difference between Slayers and Society is their purpose of existence. Each has specific excitement to cover, but in the end both of them leads to the same subject, which is entertainment.
                The relation of gamer and the real world is how similar both of them are. We view convicts as horrible people, just like the movie. People could argue that putting inmates for death row or for entertainment is the same, but it is not. It is not right to use human casualty as a sense of entertainment because at the same time we are liable for the actions we take to kill a human being. The relation to avatar in society has the same concept. Selling the control of our body, is just as horrifying as selling our body in reality. Giving someone complete control is the same concept as chattel slavery. The concept of being someone personal property is morally wrong.

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  1. Great ideas, Steven. I, too, thought of Times Square. I think your arguments about rich versus poor could turn into a paper. More in the morning...