Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Following the Trend...Blog Post #1 ;)

                After taking a moment of my time reading the article, Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of “MySpace or Facebook?”, I had flashbacks about my junior-high years. I remember when there was a trend going on in my school about MySpace and I felt really left out when people were talking about it. I never knew that there was a website like MySpace because I would only use email and instant messaging as a form of communication. I found out that these site was where everyone had their “conversation” and "statuses" posted. This was very bizarre to me , but I felt that once I made a account I would eventually ease into it.
                The author of the article, Danah Boyd, pointed out some of the most distinguishable claim about social networking.It was the shift between MySpace to Facebook, that seperated people into groups. I felt that this was true, because when I had a MySpace account, I was very upset when I found people using another social networking site. It was the biggest betrayal I have ever felt  on the internet. About eighty-percent of my friends was using Facebook.  After realizing that everyone was on Facebook, I felt that I needed to follow the trend. The whole new scenario of using walls to posts rather than having a personal profile like MySpace, which created a version of your world., was very strange to me. I did not understand the concept of Facebook, but I still felt the urge to leave MySpace and use Facebook.
                The claims that were made about the distinction between MySpace and Facebook by the author was noticeable in my school. I think the choices we make  on which social networking site was seen as picking a side, and the side we pick would usually be where our friends lies There are no class description on these social networking site, because the people at my school only follows the crowd just like anyone else would do. Other than the groups and trend that were in these social networking site,i disagree with the author claim about  people who are using MySpace are “ghetto"and people who are using Facebook are “classier”, because it is all about who is on the social networking site that we pick. This kind of description is used to describe how we look, and I would  not compare it to looks because the outfit we choose to wear describe who we are and how we are judge, but the social networking sites are all the same. We should not be categorized by what we use if they both serve the same purpose. They have their pros and cons, and they are all use for the mean s of communication and connecting to the world.
                I choose to have a Facebook because it is the only way I could communicate with people. It is hard to reach a person by phone or by visiting these days. I design my Facebook in a certain way in order to help my friends identify who I am. My identity on Facebook is basically the person who I am in reality. I would not post something that does not symbolize who I am , because it would give the wrong impression about me.I use Facebook as a form of communication , and not a way to meet new people.

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